Derek de Braga, MA

Mental Health Therapist
Montreal QC
I work with clients from a person centered perspective, heavily influenced by mindfulness and Emotion Focussed Therapy. I also utilized Somatic approaches to psychotherapy geared towards connecting to the wisdom of our nervous system and internal environment.
I am a husband and father to a beautiful black lab. I am a psychedelic explorer and outdoor enthusiast. I get my energy from meaningful relationships and connecting to nature whenever possible. I practice various types of movement to help me connect to my body and to have fun as well. I have a clinical background in harm reduction psychotherapy, substance misuse treatment and mental health counseling. My work as a therapist is focused on supporting individuals in reaching their full potential. As I began to appreciate and understand the potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness through psychedelics in my personal and professional life, work in providing integration therapy began. I hold a master’s degree in counseling psychology and have extensive training in trauma informed therapy. My expertise lies in harm reduction psychotherapy and the application of mindfulness skills in the therapeutic process. I am passionate and curious about the future of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and make a point of maintaining current knowledge on the latest research and discoveries in the field.
I offer individual, couples and family therapy. I also facilitate groups in Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention. My work in psychedelic integration is also done in groups and in individual contexts. I am also trained in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and will participate in the next training cohort for Psilocybin Assisted Therapy. I offer preparation and integration work for classic psychedelics and other medicines. I also provide ketamine assisted therapy for individuals who have been prescribed ketamine for treatment resistant depression.