Devon Cortright, PsyD

San Francisco CA
It is a great privilege to be with you as you show up for yourself and your life, a journey that naturally requires courage, insight, and heart. I strive to create a space where you feel welcomed to express your true self authentically. I work with individuals in psychotherapy, psychedelic integration and psychedelic harm reduction work, as well as ketamine assisted psychotherapy. For ketamine therapy, there is an evaluation process with myself, and a medical provider, and if it is determined that you are a good fit, the ensuing ketamine sessions are three hours long. These are powerful and transformative journeys that can have immense impact. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to consult about this. My website also has a number of resources, including videos of myself speaking, describing some of the benefits of ketamine (if you are interested in researching further).
As a youth, I was a psychonautical voyager. I discovered the profundity of the human psyche, and all existence, and felt called to continue to develop my awareness of my Inner world, to be in authentic relationship with others, as well as to be in service to easing suffering. This led me to Psychology. I'm profoundly grateful for that, because I get to continue to grow and learn while also serving others. Psychedelics continue to be incredibly important to me personally, and professionally. While studying psychology, I spent eight years multiple times a month in an Ayahuasca church with my teacher. Here my development continued, and I witnessed many of the lines of development that can unfold from psychedelic processes, along with the ancient wisdom that my teacher embodied and transmitted. This gave me a deeper perspective about what is happening in these sacred medicine spaces, and how to hold it in more skillful ways. I then moved to the clinical world of ketamine assisted psychotherapy with some of the most respected teachers in the field at Polaris Insight Center. This helped me to integrate my two passions of psychedelics and psychology, as well as to deepen my ability to help those suffering with the insights of psychology and the power of psychedelics. I have now launched into my own practice, and it is the fruit of years of training and my greatest passions.