Diana Halfmann, LMFT

San Francisco CA
A prerequisite to healing and making deeply satisfying changes is feeling safe, which includes feeling seen and heard on a deep level in a non-judgemental relationship, where the helper affirms your experience, opens the door for feedback and responds appropriately when feedback is given. These are all essential aspects to my practice. I will support you to cultivate a greater trust in your inner wise person or intuition. I will also listen attentively to the stories of your life, patterns, and adaptive strategies that have gotten you this far! I will support you in your next steps of awareness in the session as well as how you're going to take these "aha" moments and apply them in your daily life. I see the beauty, whimsy, absurdity and playfulness of life. And bring compassionate humor into our work together.
I am certified in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, partner with a wonderful physician and work with ketamine lozenges in my private practice. I have specialized in working with children, adolescents, & families for almost 20 years. I also offer shamanic counseling, which is a 6-session methodology for learning how connect with spirit helpers for support and wisdom by the sound of a theta frequency drum beat, that is associated with deep meditation. My private practice is in Noe Valley, San Francisco.