Dominique Kalata, LCSW

New York NY
I believe talking in therapy alone isn't enough - we must explore changes to routines and to our thinking in order to develop new improved habits. That is where psychedelics help out the most - they enhance the brain's neuroplasticity and lower defenses, making it easier to implement changes and also look at situations from a different light.
I align myself heavily with queer theory and feminist theory, and have spent years completing additional training in modalities ranging from somatic to behavioral to solution focused and coaching approaches. I am a bilingual speaker and child of immigrants, and much of my life has been spent being a part of different non-normative communities in NYC and SF. Born and raised in the East Village, New York City, downtown living infuses my way of being in the world, and what led me to join the global Burning Man community and the change movement it represents. I have spent most of my life as an outlier and a passionate advocate for change; and will show up as an ally and an advocate in your life as well.