Dr. Michael Broukhim, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist
Sherman Oaks CA
I like to meet clients where they are at.
I come from a Jewish Persian background, where my father left Iran to pursue the American dream of seeking the opportunity to redefine himself and my mother who also left Iran at a young age to the US to escape from the Iranian Revolution. Losing my father at age 19 to cancer was the most difficult challenge I have ever faced in my life. Before his death, I hadn’t experienced much adversity in my life and I would have never imagined losing him so early in adulthood. The circumstances surrounding his death really influenced me in pursuing a career as a physician and it has forever changed the way I view how our universe works. My father’s death made me question if there were other treatments out there that could have extended his life or cured him of cancer, this questioning led to my interest in Integrative Medicine.