Dr. Michael Hofrath, PhD, AMFT

Somatic Transpersonal Depth Therapist
Carmel CA
Psychedelic facilitation and integration should be facilitated by an experienced and qualified professional who has experiential, lived experience knowledge of enthogeans, and who has a comprehensive understanding of the various psychedelics and plant-based entheogens. I provide a safe set and setting, and a structured process that offers individuals space to process and integrate insights and revelations, gain clarity and understanding of new “psychic materia” to uncover the often-hidden meanings that manifest through psychedelic experiences. Trust and safety are paramount. A safe container (temenos) paves the way for individuals to confidently re-experience, comprehend, process, and integrate insights, truths and revelations through psyche, the ego, the shadow and archetypal imprints. Integration is necessary to fully accept, process, integrate, dissipate, and release adverse behavioral patterns. Integration stabilizes and solidifies the desired positive behaviors through one-on-one support. The result of psychedelic integration is often liberation and freedom, greater individuation, and self-actualization, both of which are often underlying intentions of psychedelic medicine work. Integration allows for the release of that which no longer serves us so we can realign as whole beings.
Hello, I am a Holistic Somatic Transpersonal Depth Therapist, PhD, EMDR, NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer and a Psychedelic Facilitator/ Integration Specialist. I work with clients in-person and remotely. As a Somatic, Psychodynamic (Jungian-based) advanced trauma specialist my intention is to heal the root cause, or origin, of psychic trauma wounding. My approach utilizes the “wisdom of the body” and bridges the gap between the unconscious (psyche & soul) and the conscious (brain & ego) to access the underworld of psyche through soma. My work includes psychedelic preparation, facilitation, and integration counseling. Awareness of adverse behavior, thoughts and past trauma wounding are only the first step. Insights and revelations need to be processed and integrated and then dissipated out of the body from a neuro-physiological perspective, and for true healing to manifest. Credentials & Certifications: Somatic Depth Psychologist PhD, Advanced Trauma (RIITM), EMDR, NeuroAffective Touch, Shaman Practices, Energy Healer, Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (IPA and Vital).
I offer individual and couples therapy both in-person and remotely. Somatic Body Psychology Transpersonal & Spiritual Counseling EMDR NeuroAffective Touch Shamanic Practices/ Healing Energy Healing Individual Psychedelic Facilitation/ Integration Psychedelic Preparation Difficult Psychedelic Experiences