Drew Bianchi, MD

Doctor of Medicine
New York City NY
I strive to bring a level of authenticity and realness in the room. My work is very much informed by eastern philosophy and the work of Carl Jung. I work with clients in a therapy-centered approach to examine not just where they have been but where current symptoms are leading them. I use medications cautiously and only where necessary. My goal is not to cut people off from their emotions, but to validate their experience and help them live a more creative and connected life. I also see my role in helping others access and trust their own intuition as to what is needed for real, lasting change.
Drew Bianchi, MD is a New York City-based psychiatrist and therapist. He trained in adult psychiatry at Mount Sinai and completed a child and adolescent fellowship at NYU. He is currently on faculty at NYU and has participated as a study therapist/facilitator on a number of psilocybin research studies.