Duncan Benjamin, PsyD

Licensed psychologist
Tacoma WA
In my work as a therapist, I help people tune into the story of their life, build awareness of the ongoing impact of present and past suffering, and find ways to move past or let go of that suffering in the body and the heart. For many of us, that work involves coming to terms with the pain of our childhoods, and sometimes even the legacies of trauma in the generations that came before us. I have found that an essential part of this healing is being in touch with the parts of us that are real, alive, authentic, and honest. I hope to help my clients find strength in themselves and their communities, honor their pain, and move forward as wiser, more compassionate versions of themselves.
I have had the privilege of growing up among and between cultures all over the world, most notably in south-east Asia and western Europe. Although I was born in California, it’s hard for me to name one part of the world that I call home. I completed my undergraduate degree at University of California Santa Barbara and my doctorate in clinical psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago before coming back to the west coast to practice in Seattle/Tacoma. Curiosity and a love of learning and exploring are driving forces in my life, and I fill my free time with all manner of things. Some of my favorites are cooking, rock climbing, consuming podcasts, gaming, reading, and connecting with our cities and the nature that surrounds them.