Eduardo Silva Montaño, BA, CCEP

Core Energetics Practitioner and Body-Based Therapist
Tepoztlán MOR
I help individuals who seek a therapeutic approach to the psychedelic experience; helping to ground and connect them with their bodies, and integrate the insights of the psychedelic experience into their daily lives. The idea is to promote feelings of peace and safety using somatic therapy, breathing exercises, and meditation to maintain the clarity gained after the session. It is only through the continuation of this work that we can carry with us the wisdom of these beautiful medicines.
Since I was a child I have felt the need to help others, however the rush of life made me deviate from that path and dedicate myself to green energy projects and entrepreneurship. When I discovered myself as a person without a passion and disconnected from life, I made the decision to go inside myself through meditation, body psychotherapy and psychedelics. Currently, I facilitate breathwork workshops in Mexico, where I mix transpersonal psychotherapy and Mesoamerican elements such as the “sonaja”, fire, and drums. I also provide individual therapy sessions using Core Energetics, BioSpiritual Focusing, Bioenergetics, breath, and meditation techniques. My passion and interest in psychedelics and psychedelic integration, as well as my personal and work experience with body psychotherapies, inspired me to create Nido, a psychedelic support group for festivals in México.