Eleanor Medina, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist
Todos los Santos BCS
I run a wholistic therapy private practice online called The Makaranda Method. Makaranda means "the honey of flowers" in Sanskrit. In a world that is often seen as broken, I aim to see you as whole, no matter what. I guide you to move toward your innate wholeness, to find your "nectar".
I believe psychedelics offer doorways into the soul. It is then, up to us, to explore where those doors go within ourselves. Psychedelics, which are nature, have been one of the most powerful modes of healing in my life, especially paired with therapeutic preparation & integration sessions. I believe having a safe, open, loving & supportive place to talk about what has come up for us before and after these psychedelic states, is crucial for our well-being and the overall health of our communities. Research is showing us that psychedelics are becoming some of the most powerful treatment modalities that exist. However, there is lots of fear around this topic because of misinformation and lack of support for people if they do have a challenging and/or complex experience. Psychedelic experiences are often messy and it can take time and guidance to sort through what was brought to the surface. There seem to be very few places where people can talk openly about the deep learnings they receive from their journeys. So, this is where I come in.
Forage Your Queen - This is a 5-week virtual GROUP course that serves as the foundation for transpersonal, existential, wholistic, and eco-therapeutic growth. As you forage, you will learn the formula for how to be present in your life so you can step out of your story and into what is happening right here and now. We ALL need you to be right here, right now. I believe you also need this from yourself! We cannot have you feeding the anxiety ridden culture as the Earth is dying. It is time we step into our mature, grounded, playful, curious, and complex Queendom. This course shows you how. I will teach one lesson per week about a therapeutic concept, a psycho-spiritual philosophy that ground us with the Earth, and daily practices for you to embody the teachings. Each week, we will share with each other, based on your personal ​experiences​. I will assign 2-3 hours of practices that can disrupt your narratives and rewire your brain for peace in the present moment. The Makaranda Method - This is a 3 month 1:1 intensive program. Here we meet virtually every week for 90 minutes. We dive into the most critical elements of your life by addressing your mindset, movement, nutrition, and nature. Earth Circle retreats - reach out to us for more information about where and when we will be holding our next retreat!