ELEVATEHER Ketamine Therapy and Psychiatry

Santa Barbara CA
We conduct visits virtually via a HIPPA compliant platform. In-person appointments only available for ketamine injections.
We empower you to feel better, work better and love better. We provide customized , high quality and result driven solutions for women looking to bring out their vulnerable-badass-self. Each program is uniquely created, using our proven methods of precision medicine, focused psychotherapy, and ketamine therapy. We designed our ketamine psychedelic exploration program based on scientific research and ancient healing wisdoms. You will go deeper in your healing process. Discover the power of your inner healing intelligence and gain new meaningful insights from your subconscious. Be ready for your next breakthrough. Psychotropic medications play a crucial role in reducing the signs and symptoms, and in preventing relapses of a psychiatric condition, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and ADHD etc. We also look at genetic variations and how your body might respond to medications. Who are you without the symptoms?
Ketamine therapy, traditional psychiatric medication management, psychotherapy and psychedelic integration sessions.