Elizabeth Easton, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor
Denver CO
I seek to foster others' sense of power and inner knowing, while helping them to remain open and humble to everything life, relationships and their own spirit have to offer. I believe people, whether it is a loved one in care or a parent/caregiver supporting them, have intuitions and inner resources that, with the right conditions, can help them move toward healing. I seek to help others create those conditions - through tapping into those resources and learning about themselves and those they love.
I am a clinical psychologist, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister and a 4th generation Coloradan. I find solace in the place where the natural world and science meet - always curious to explore, deepen connections and grow beyond what was once believed.
Integration Coaching/ Consultation (Individual offering; Virtual) - Support for consciousness expanding experiences - Preparation, intention-setting, skills development for use during the experience and integration afterwards - Roots of my approach: mindfulness, breath work, grounding skills, somatic-based work and emotion processing