Elizabeth Matthews, MA, LPC

Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapist (CAPT)
Boulder CO
Each life is a deeply personal journey. We are all unique gems – yet embedded in each human psyche is a roadmap, an archetypal blueprint for how we can become our very own champion. The Hero’s journey, a transformative expedition captured in essence by the brilliant scholar Joseph Campbell, describes the adventure of a Hero who travels to an unknown landscape and returns triumphant. Your own personal Hero’s journey could be psychedelic therapy, a divorce, illness, the resolution of trauma, addiction, the death of a loved one or any major challenge with the potential for freedom and redemption. The following three tiers below describing the Hero’s journey are not a rigid representation of how I work. Rather, they’re an invitation to release self judgement and surrender to the experience of human grace shared with Dorothy, Aragorn, Katniss and Neo. Ultimately, it is a journey of love. 1) Preparation: Includes a call to adventure, often seen as a difficult situation and a separation from the ordinary world as identified through culture, childhood patterning, education and family value systems. Sound familiar? 2) Navigation: Leaving the familiar and entering the special world, the Hero is tested, identifies friends and foe, prepares for battle, dies and is reborn. No one said it was easy. 3) Integration: The Hero leaves the special world transformed and with a new wisdom to enhance self and community. Get ready because it’s about to get really interesting! If you want the support of an empathic, seasoned therapist to help you navigate your own precious life, please send me an email and we can decide if we are a good therapeutic match. If you are being called by psychedelics please know that I work solely with the process of post ritual integration. I am available for sessions via Zoom. Thank you for stopping by. Bueno camino (the journey provides).
You know, in every adult life there comes a time when our journey could be enhanced by the counsel of a compassionate and objective professional. Perhaps for you, this is one of those times. I get it. Several times in my life, I’ve needed the direction and support of alternative practitioners. And when I connected with the right person, I found value beyond the healing of the specific diagnosis. Because for me, and I suspect for others, the quality of the relationship influences the process of getting well. It can be an exhilarating process if you find the right match. On my own healing journey, I was led to holistic trainings and eventually earned a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I became a licensed professional counselor in Colorado in 2001. In 2015, I was a subject in the MAPS study of the healing potential of MDMA for PTSD. It’s been quite a ride, and I am truly grateful for it all. Known as a compassionate therapist with a direct style of communication, I have a practical approach to life. I believe deeply in each person’s capacity to heal from the wounds that bind body and soul. What’s more, I love to connect with others who are willing and dedicated to wellness. What do you think? Sound like you?! My interests include Autobiographical Writing, Centering Prayer, a Course in Miracles and Soul Collage. If this information resonates with you, please get in touch so we can explore if I am the best professional for you at this particular time in your life.