Elizabeth Shuler, PsyD

Integration Specialist
Kortrijk VWV
I offer sessions online for anyone around the globe. While every session is based on your unique needs, we’ll likely explore some key areas together. This ensures you have a safe container for exploration and the tools to integrate insights into your everyday life. • Set & Setting • Substance Education • Assessing integration • Intention setting • Harm reduction and safety • Transition and reflection after the trip • Relational attunement • Evaluating your lifestyle for optimized integration • Creating a maintenance plan for continued growth Using methods & principles such as: • Meditation & mindfulness • Interpersonal Neurobiology • Yoga Therapy • Breathwork • Journaling & creative writing • Yoga Therapy • Intuitive practices • Nature connectedness & earthing • Polyvagal exercises • Shadow work
I am a psychedelic integration specialist, transformational coach, and yoga therapist. I specialize in helping individuals heal from trauma & chronic stress, grow personally and professionally, and reclaim their wellness. Since 2015, I have lived abroad, starting in Jordan, moving to China, and finally ending up in Belgium. As an international school counselor by day, I worked with international students, parents, and professionals dealing with transition, culture shock, and burnout on top of all of the other life stressors that come along. As a coach and therapist by night, I saw many international professionals who didn't feel like enough, thought they were too sensitive, or who wanted to find personal and professional fulfillment. I completed a Master's of Science in Mental Health Counseling in 2014, Yoga Teacher certification & Reiki Master certification in 2015, and my PsyD & Yoga Therapy certification in 2023.
The Shift Program: A personalized 10-11 week coaching experience designed to help you harness the power of psychedelics for lasting positive change. Through careful preparation, a safe and supported experience, and deep integration work, you'll unlock insights, break through limiting beliefs, and create a life that feels truly aligned. Here's What You Get: • Weekly 1:1 Coaching • 4 Preparation Sessions • 6 Integration Sessions • Exercises & Practices • Post-Session Support • Ongoing Communication • Weekly Reflection • And some awesome bonuses! €1800; optional 3-month installment plan. Integration Package: Create powerful transformation and maintenance or integrate psychedelic experiences. 12 sessions which must be used within 6 months. €2000.00; Optional 6 months installment plan. Transform Package: Take the time to evolve from the inside out or deep integration of psychedelic experiences! 24 sessions which must be used within 12 months. €3850.00; Optional 9 month installment plan.