Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD, LCSW

Psychotherapist, Ketamine- Assisted Psychotherapist, Psychedelic-Supportive Psychotherapist
Santa Barbara CA
I have no prepared agenda in working with clients because each person in their own situation at any particular point in time is unique. Instead, I make full use mindful presence, clinical intuition, and sensory awareness toy attune to the narrative and experience (including body experience) of each person with whom I work. I lead by following as I am facilitating the emergence of each person' self- healing capacities with a careful eye on their goals and objectives in doing the work. I provide input as needed, selectively and authentically pacing myself with respect to the client's own rhythm and capacity for change.
First and foremost I am a psychotherapist with a passion for supporting each person in the unique expression of their potential and life quality. In addition to decades as a private practice psychotherapist, my professional background includes leadership positions within corporations, organizations and in academia while also teaching, facilitating groups and retreats as well as private practice psychotherapy. Most recently, I served as Vice President of Clinical Services for an international Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy company. Prior to that, I was faculty and Chair of Antioch University Santa Barbara’s Clinical Psychology Graduate Program where I developed and directed programs in Healthy Aging, Somatic Psychotherapy, and Leadership. I previously taught at Columbia University School of Social Work and served as Clinical Director within mental health settings. In 2020 I completed Certifications in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and Research at CIIS, followed by Certification with the Ketamine Training Center. Additionally, I am trained and certified in Embodied Leadership and in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy.
-Psychotherapy (individuals, couples, groups as described above) -Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy -Psychedelic-Supportive Psychotherapy (Preparation and Integration) -Psychedelic-Integration Groups -Retreats (Ketamine retreats, "Creating the Life you Seek" retreats) -Life transition, career and employment counseling/coaching -Leadership and Executive Coaching