Ellen Domm, PhD, RPsych

Registered Psychologist
Vancouver BC
My clinical practice today is conducted primarily online with face to face meetings supplemented with homework completed at the client’s pace. My role as a psychedelic integration therapist is to assist in the often difficult task of putting the ineffable into words, making sense of the experience, and formulating a plan to bring the insights gained into one’s current life and relationships. You have a unique story that I want to hear. Understanding the events and decisions that led to your present circumstances will facilitate authentic value-directed behavior for the future. As your therapist, I am your witness and guide, helping to identify and remove the blockages that impede your way. I believe in the power of self-talk and listen for language that is unhelpful. Sometimes subtle changes in vocabulary create profound and lasting change. Through over 30 years of providing service, I’ve collated a series of contemplative writing exercises that when processed, will help illuminate thought and behaviour patterns that can then be addressed in the therapy session. Because much of “the work” happens between sessions, I make myself accessible for brief text/email exchanges or phone calls between sessions. I encourage my clients to have a creative outlet for emotional regulation, and believe in the therapeutic potential of music, both playing and intentional listening. I will be adding Guided Deep Listening therapy sessions to my service offerings soon. It is truly a privilege and honour to work with individuals, to join them on the path toward healing and wholeness.
Clinician since 1986, musician, artisan, and passionate student of life – in me you will find elements of both artist and scientist, someone who makes treatment decisions based on sound principles of practice, who also looks for and reveals the beauty of life and in you. My desire to help those in psychological and spiritual distress derives from my own experience with life-threatening anorexia and bulimia many years ago. I have first-hand understanding of the transformative potential of psychedelic medicines. My personal struggle led me to discover and implement the narrative, cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques that I now impart to my own clients. For many years I divided my professional life between clinical work and teaching at the university level, and had two tenured appointments in Auburn, Washington and then in North Vancouver, British Columbia. I left teaching in 2010 after establishing a degree program in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism. In 2017, I took a hiatus from practice to hone my skills as a pianist and teacher. Playing, teaching, and listening to music informs my clinical work and is an integral part of my spiritual practice.