Elliott Blitenthal, LCSW

New York City NY
Therapy should be client centered. At the same time, we often have parts of ourselves that are skeptical or scared of moving toward healing. Bearing this in mind, I do my best to help clients stay in touch with themselves and their therapeutic journey and find within the drive to continue pursuing it. Each and every step in therapeutic work waits until clients are genuinely ready to take it.
I'm a clinical social worker who specializes in anxiety, trauma and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. My work is extremely important to me and I find it incredibly fulfilling to accompany clients on their healing journeys, both in and out of psychedelic contexts. Psychedelic medicine and integration have been and continue to be a big part of my own healing journey and it is an honor to help guide others through their own integrative processes.
I currently offer only individual therapy. My sessions are 55 minutes and take place either virtually or in-person at my Queens, NY office. In addition to more traditional forms of talk therapy and trauma work, I offer KAP and psychedelic integration, based on my hourly rate.