Elysian Wellness

Virginia Beach VA
At Elysian Wellness, we do not require a referral from a primary care physician for treatment; however, we do require that you have an active relationship with a primary care physician and/or psychiatrist to receive ketamine treatment from Elysian Wellness. Elysian Wellness will be responsible for your infusion or medication therapy and will support and take care of you from intake through treatment and completion. Elysian Wellness does not manage day-to-day and chronic medication outside the therapies we offer, and thus we want to ensure to collaborate with your primary physician or psychiatrist to ensure you are receiving day-to-day care outside of our service offerings.
Elysian Wellness is the only practice in the Hampton Roads area run exclusively by board certified physicians with experience in both acute psychiatric emergencies and the safe administration of anesthesia. We are the experts in our field. Your care will be delivered to you by licensed board-certified physicians who are dedicated to compassionate care and your overall wellbeing.
IV ketamine therapy