Emery Mikel, LCAT, LPAT, ATR-BC

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist
New York City NY
My goal is to reliably show up, explore, and build resilience with you during this unique moment in your life, so you can feel more fully seen and heard while going through challenging times or finding new inspiration as you shift your life. My hope is that anyone who works with me can use our time to explore who they are or what they want out of life, build skills to tackle any challenges they are facing, and find bravery in working with strong emotions or deep insights. No experience with altered states (Ketamine, etc.) or creativity is necessary and I'll adapt to the comfort level of each person, so they can explore and enjoy the tools that work best for them.
Over the past 15+ years I have worked to find a balance between the more grounded, meditative moments that help me exist in the present and the intentional, active engagement with new adventures or opportunities that brings fire and passion into my life. I love supporting people as they find their version of this balance during the challenging times and the celebratory moments. Through my training at Naropa in the early 2000's to the personal experiences I have had over the years I have learned how to tailor my work to fit with each person who sees me. Whether we bring in guided visualization, meditation, art making, ketamine, or just spend the time talking, I help each individual enter into their work as authentically and intentionally as possible. I do this with my clients, my students, and the therapists I mentor.
Ketamine Assisted Therapy for individuals with verbal and/or creative integration sessions. Virtual Psychotherapy/Integration Sessions $200. In-Person Dosing Sessions $750 (location - Industry City Brooklyn) Sliding Scale Available