Emily Laconic, LICSW

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Minnetonka MN
Emily meets clients where they are at, and provides encouragement to look beyond the 3rd dimension to determine where the imbalances lie. Sessions usually start with an assessment to determine the clients current functioning and distress. Emily will assign homework as working on yourself involves creating regular self care and exploration. Emily likes to create a comfortable environment therefore it may not feel like a formal therapy session compared to the box that big pharma wants therapists to fit into.
Emily Laconic, MSW, LICSW is a Licensed Independent Social Worker in Minnesota with a Master of Social Work from St. Catherine University. She has been a practicing therapist for nine years with experience in trauma, anxiety, and relationships. Emily is a psycho-spiritual practitioner and focuses on the spiritual dimension and how that shows up in imbalances in your life. Emily is an Akashic Records Reader, Tarot Card Reader, Psychedelic Guide, Experienced Psychedelic Integration Practitioner, Shadow Worker, and Frequency Administer in partnership with a Healy Device. She also uses crystals, essential oils, and various earth based medicine. Emily is a Creatrix and makes bracelets and earrings. She loves working with individuals who are spiritually awakening, as well as, facilitating groups in their journey to spiritually awakening. Emily focuses on serving those who are spiritually awakening and also can hold space for individuals who are having a spiritual emergency. Additionally, she teaches Emotional First Aid classes to groups, organizations, and curious individuals seeking to hold space for their loved ones.
Emily offers different teachings and shamanic spiritual group activities. They can be found on her meet up group called Spirituality and Awakening support group.