Dr. Emma Andre, ND

Naturopathic Physician
Bend OR
We can work virtually with anyone in the state of Oregon. Also, we will soon be offering the ability to receive treatment in-person. Medicine Within offers alternative and holistic mental health treatments, psychedelic ketamine therapy, and microdosing ketamine therapy. These treatments can serve as a stand-alone approach or complement an existing treatment plan for mental health. We offer a free 20 minute call to everyone to determine if we are a good fit for you. You can schedule that free call from our home page at www.medicinewithin.com by clicking "Get Started."
I was raised in a family with a deep curiosity about the intersection between science and spirituality. My parents were both healers, one in Eastern and one in Western medicine. A sort of fusion of their philosophies, I became a naturopathic physician whose philosophy is grounded in a respect for nature, the innate healing process, and the power of the psyche. My husband and I work together to offer cutting-edge ketamine therapy and holistic mental health for adults seeking fast and lasting relief from mental health challenges. We know what it’s like to navigate trauma and loss, and have experienced first-hand the potency of psychedelic medicine. It has taught us that real and lasting healing comes from within. This impactful journey inspired us to create Medicine Within and share it with others. Sustainable healing is a collaboration with our patients, and can be an artful and creative process for transcending our current state and remembering our sacred nature.