Emma Donovan, LCPC, LPC

Alternative Therapist
St. Louis MO
Clients come to me for a variety of issues, such as spiritual or personal growth, relationship issues, anxiety, self-esteem issues, trauma, issues of meaning and purpose, or career clarity. Whatever you are struggling with, I help you access your inner guidance, feel the light of your core self, and open up your innate healing potential to integrate the various parts of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit into a more harmonious whole. The heart of my practice is in altered state work with IFS, Depth Hypnosis, and Applied Shamanism. You will get the opportunity to go on a journey through your inner world for healing, self-awareness, insight, and guidance. If you have prior experience with psychedelics, you may find that these methods complement your past experiences. This is because they allow for inner exploration in a way that some people have commented feels, well, "trippy!" If you're curious about psychedelic healing but you do NOT want to take a substance, you might experience the insight and transformation you're seeking using these methods alone. If you have chosen to take psychedelic substances on your own, you may find that these methods help you integrate your journey and heal whatever patterns were illuminated during your experience. I recognize that there is a rising interest in psychedelic healing, and an increased need for help integrating psychedelic experiences. Many people have found that IFS and shamanic work are beneficial in the integration process. Therefore, I am offering my services as a potential path. Please note that my area of expertise is in exploring the inner landscape, and not in specific substances. I do not have the competency or ethical or legal ability to advise you on the use or risks of any particular substance.
Hi, I'm Emma! I'm the founder of Alternative Therapy STL. I help curious, introspective, and holistically-minded young people in their 20s and 30s to heal past wounds and grow into their best selves with a transpersonal approach. I have been all over the world (31 countries to be exact) studying psychology, culture, philosophy, and spirituality. Ask me about the 18 months I spent working at a mindfulness center in Thailand, becoming an advanced yoga instructor in India, or completing IFS therapy training in Spain! After traveling around the world and learning both eastern and western methods for healing, I founded Alternative Therapy STL to bring holistic and transpersonal therapy to the midwest. Being a therapist is more than a "job" for me, it's a calling. I'm excited to help you become more conscious, get to know yourself more deeply, and transform.
-Individual 1:1 therapy services to residents of Missouri and Illinois through https://www.alternativetherapystl.com/ -Individual 1:1 inner work guidance for personal and spiritual growth for people around the world. This is specifically suited for people who are not struggling with a mental health issue per se, but are seeking inner exploration and transformation. Learn more at https://www.theinnerworkhub.com/ -Online Inner Work 101 Course: Dive into Parts Work with this self-paced online course. It includes a workbook, worksheets, teaching videos, and guided meditations. You can learn more and access the course at https://www.theinnerworkhub.com/