Emma Knighton, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Seattle WA
In the Psychotherapy space, my intention is to act as a midwife to your intrinsic and instinctual healing process, to hold you in unconditional love and acceptance as you navigate your journey, and to offer my expertise as a co-pilot to your inner healing intelligence. My work as a trauma-informed therapist has led me to the deep belief that we have an incredible innate capacity for healing. It is common for people who have experienced significant life changes, challenging relationship dynamics, and trauma to feel a sense of disconnection from their inner self, their bodies, and their relationships. It can often feel as if the weight of your experiences are blocking you from fully engaging in your present life. I specialize in assisting you to activate your inner healing intelligence, remove barriers to growth, and build unity within yourself and the universe around you.
I hold a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Bastyr University, a Graduate level certificate in Psychedelic Assisted-Therapies and Research from The California Institute of Integral Studies, and a Master’s level certificate in Holistic Health from St. Catherine University. I am also a registered yoga teacher. My therapeutic approach encompasses the integration of therapy, yoga, and psychedelic practices. My work with clients is based in learning safe embodiment, deep listening to self and intuition, and curiosity into the possibility of the present moment. My work has taught me that trauma shows up in many forms, and that our bodies and consciousness have the ability to teach us what our minds may have difficulty accessing and expressing. My personal practice with altered consciousness states has been integral to my own trauma healing and personal growth. Meditation, Holotropic Breathwork, and psychedelic medicine work provide me a space to enter the depths of my subconscious and connect to resources inside and outside of myself. I hold sacred my relationships with the many facets of self and the greater sense of collective love consciousness, for these are my greatest teachers.