Epiphany Clinic

Los Angeles CA
relationship focused
Fly away with us. On a day-to-day basis, your brain is open to a very narrow slice of consciousness. It blocks out everything else, because if it didn't, you'd never leave the house or call a friend or finish that bathroom reno. You'd just sit around and look at the patterns in the fabric of your dress or trousers. The doors of perception have to be drawn pretty tightly closed. It's a matter of survival. But there are q handful of chemicals, plants and potions that can pry those doors open. What comes through when we open our minds? That's the magic. It could be something super-obvious, or something you've never considered, but often times, what comes to you during a psychedelic session is exactly what you've been looking for all these years: a new way of looking at an old problem.
ketamine assisted psychotherapy