Eric Milbrandt, MD

Addictionologist, CIIS/MAPS Trained Psychedelic Therapist
Ocala FL
I utilize both traditional IV ketamine therapy and ketamine-assisted therapy to help catalyze the therapeutic process and speed growth and healing. I utilize both individual and group settings, with and without medicine. My approach to trauma work is experiential, allowing clients to express and work through past issues in a safe and loving space. The setting in primarily office based in a spa-like space with relaxing massage chairs, comfy blankets, soothing music, and aroma therapy.
Dr. Eric Milbrandt is a Critical Care and Addiction Medicine MD practicing at the intersection between mental health, addiction, and trauma. "My mission is to help those who are hurting, especially those with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction." As much as 25% of depression and other mood disorders are treatment resistant. I utilize ketamine-assisted therapy to provide hope and healing for those who are suffering. Unresolved trauma is one of the most common reasons for treatment-resistance in depression and recurrent relapse in addiction. Trauma-focused care is a powerful tool to help people work through their trauma and can be the pivotal change that brings lasting recovery. Dr. Milbrandt is a Certified Trauma Professional, having completed over 200 hours of training in the most effective trauma therapy techniques.
Ketamine-assisted individual and group therapy IV ketamine treatment Home-based ketamine lozenge program Pre/Post psychedelic preparation and integration Referral to a local ayahuasca church, when appropriate Traditional medication management