Erica Burger, DO, MPH

Integrative Psychiatrist
Lansing IA
To request an appointment, please visit Please note that patient need to be located in or willing to travel to Wisconsin, Iowa, or Minnesota for appointments. I do not accept any type of insurance and all fees can be found on the website. I work with individuals both in-person and via video. All ketamine medicine sessions are in-person but integration sessions are available by video.
Hi, my name is Dr. Erica Burger and I'm an integrative psychiatrist. Even before medical school, I knew that I wanted to help people through a holistic lens and with an integrative medicine approach. My goal is to provide mental health care that helps you feel empowered and able to activate your own inner healing. I love helping people reclaim their peace and feel more balanced so they can live the life they want to be living. Driftless Integrative Psychiatry began out of a simple desire to provide forward-thinking and compassionate care that puts patients in the driver seat of their mental health. We care deeply about helping people feel better and utilize innovative and effective approaches to help.
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Program: Intake (includes medical screening) Either: Standard intake - 75 minutes, in person or video: $625.00 or Integrative psychiatry intake - 90 minutes, in-person or video: $725.00 Preparatory session/s, 50 minutes, in person or video: $425.00 per session Ketamine medicine session IM or lozenge, 2.5 to 3 hours, in person: $1195.00 per session Therapy post-session integration, 50 minutes, in person or video: $425.00 per session Number of sessions will vary but patients typically complete between 1-6 ketamine medicine sessions with one therapy post-session integration in between. All appointments will be with psychiatrist Dr. Erica Burger. ​