Erick Sheftic, MD

Madison WI
At Accelerated Psychiatry, we are a referral-based clinic, so by the time we meet, a lot of ground has been covered, and we spend the consultation time discussing the patient's unique situation, their goals, their struggles, and go over what to expect with Ketamine, Spravato, or TMS. And then we proceed with the intention and hope that with powerful, rapid-acting treatments, that patients feel better and are able to do the things they want to do in life.
Throughout my practice, I have seen many patients in the clinic who struggled to get relief from traditional antidepressants or who had intolerable side effects. On the inpatient unit, I saw people who were so incapacitated by their depression that they stopped eating and caring for themselves, as well as patients with severe suicidal thoughts and despair after many years of suffering. I was fortunate to receive training from psychiatrists who introduced me to different interventions such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Ketamine Infusions. So far, these therapies have shown immense potential and there is new research coming out all the time. That's super exciting and I wanted to be a part of this new and innovative work. I also noticed that there were not enough psychiatrists offering these potentially life-saving treatments, and waiting lists were way too long. So I decided to take a leap of faith and start Accelerated Psychiatry, along with my colleagues Brendon Nacewicz, Rena Doyle, and Melissa Esperon, who are just as committed to this project as I am. My goal is to strike a balance with providing modern and cutting-edge treatment, while also making sure that what we do is backed up by solid medical research. And most of all, I want to do right by you as a person. That means carefully listening to your stories, feedback, suggestions, and ideas, so that we can provide the best possible experience.
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