Erik Blender, MA

Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator
Portland OR
I work with clients toward a holistic mind and body preparation for their journey. We'll work together to set intentions for your journey and I present each client with a lot of very useful resources for preparation & integration. We discuss everything from music & sound healing that works for you as well as how best to support you when things get intense or challenging in your journey. Also, I have an amazing system for helping people integrate their psychedelic journeys to develop a real and tangible list of action items post-journey. Integration action items are how individuals bring the psychedelic journey into their daily lives and proceed toward change with true integrity. Please know that psilocybin or any psychedelic is not a magic cure. Psychedelic healing differs from western pharmaceutical medicine in that the psychedelic plants call us forward into truth, into ourselves, so see from a new perspective how we can rise up from within to transform and heal our own suffering. If you are ready to look within and at the honest truth, reach out and let's talk about working together.
Erik is a facilitator with over 10 years of experience holding safe and compassionate space for group & individual transformative journeys. He is also a meditation teacher, a musician & sound healer dedicated to connecting people with practices that awaken the mind, body and spirit. On the faculty of the Synaptic Institute’s Psilocybin Training Program, Erik teaches Group Facilitation, Psychedelic Integration, & Meditation practices. He is a certified Yoga & Meditation instructor with IKYTA (Intl Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association) and also a certified Level 2 teacher of Trauma-Informed Yoga with Warriors at Ease, focusing on breath and meditation for regulation of PTSD. Erik is a musician, music producer and sound healer in the music project OmTara. He believes in the power of holding a safe & integrous space for all people to find inner wisdom, growth & transformation. Areas of facilitation focus: End-of-life & terminal illness, Group Meditation Journeys, PTSD Regulation & Recovery, Men’s Groups, Grief, Spiritual Exploration & Self-Discovery, Personal Transformation
- Couples work: transformational journeys for partner - we can work together to tailor what you seek - 9-Month Journey of Transformation: for individuals that wish to dive deep into personal transformation. 3 journeys over 9 months with monthly integration sessions to keep you on-track.