Erin Carpenter, LCSW

Boulder CO
In my ketamine-assisted therapy practice I meet with clients to explore if it's an appropriate therapy and if so, I connect them with my medical partners. I collaborate with them (and you) to create a treatment plan. We work together on preparation, and I'm with my clients for their oral ketamine dose. We do integration afterwards, to support the insights and experience. I also offer traditional talk therapy, and psychedelic integration therapy.
I'm an LCSW with over 15 years of experience in counseling. My expertise lies in PTSD, Eating Disorders, Depression and End-Of-Life/Palliative Care. I'm a bestselling author in the field of PTSD and Sexual Trauma. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2019, I experienced tremendous healing and growth from psychedelic therapy and am passionate about offering these new models of mental healthcare in my practice.