Erin Thompson, LCSW

Mental Health Therapist
Penfield NY
I do both in-person and remote sessions with clients. I will soon be offering Ketamine Retreats.
Working within the mental health community has always been rewarding and challenging. Recently, Covid changed the landscape of our lives and I am committed to helping people make a healthy and positive path for themselves going forward. It reminded us that "life is short" and we can not take time for granted. There is no better time to start living a life that feels peaceful, full of joy and to reach for self actualization. Being a part of the psychedelic healing community has provided me with new tools and resources to make considerable positive effects in the lives of my clients. To be honest, I am thrilled about the new prospects of mental health therapy and treatment using psychedelics and it has created a renewed sense of excitement and motivation for me. Part of my training has always included learning new modalities of treatment including EMDR, CBT, DBT and others. That being said, I have never felt so aligned with a certain intervention like I do with psychedelics. I am thrilled to be on this journey and welcome you!
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy