Erin Vahratian, LMHC

West Newbury MA
Our sessions will likely include some traditional talk therapy as well as somatic practices (i.e. breath work, movement) and various forms of mindfulness, as a means to reclaiming your relationship to your body and the healing wisdom it carries. Working through a holistic lens, I’ll also invite you to consider how all aspects of your lifestyle play a role in your current circumstances (i.e. your diet, sleep, self care routine, etc). The highest form of personal healing contributes to collective liberation. It is a sacred privilege to do this work with others and for myself; I would be honored to support you in your journey home to yourself.
I believe we all possess an innate healing wisdom. And that we all deserve joy, ease, pleasure, and connection. We all have a unique path, an unfolding story to tell, and various crossroads to navigate our journey through life. At times the path may be difficult; you may feel lost and unable to find your way or change direction alone. It may be a crisis in a family or relationship, anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, grief/loss, difficulties with work or school, or an inner sense that something is just not right. Our natural state is one of joy and well-being but experiences in life can cause suffering and create separation from our self and from others. I am a body-centered psychotherapist with extensive post graduate training in Bioenergetic Analysis. I take a holistic approach based on the premise that mind and body function as one and integrate modern science and ancient wisdom to support personal transformation. I utilize a trauma informed lens and integrate poly-vagal theory, attachment theory, mindfulness, psychodynamic and transpersonal modalities in my practice. However, I believe that the real healing power is in the genuine relationship and connection between us; together we will work to discover and co-create the ‘right’ kind of therapy for you. While I work from a place of hope and inspiration, I am not afraid to be with your pain. I am gifted at holding a safe container for your wide range of feelings to be felt and processed, compassionately meeting you where you are.