Esther Goldberg, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Ashland OR
Inner directed work is just that; the medicine guides you; at this time I am only able to provide support pre and post session.
I have been practicing psychotherapys for 25 years, but it was my own experience in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy during a "dark night of my soul", that changed my life and drew me into this field. I have also been involved in ceremony in Native American traditions, and draw from a rich and varied experience with altered states. I believe that we all have the inner directed wisdom that we are capable of accessing in the right conditions that will allow us to heal ourselves. However, at this time I am not licensed to provide psilocybin services in Oregon. I am only available to provide pre and post session work with adults who want guidance in preparing for and integrating their own experiences, either self guided, or guided by another.