Ethan Bregman, PhD

Sacramento CA
My therapeutic style is person centered, working with individuals collaboratively to gain insight into their emotions, develop coping strategies, and foster personal growth. Utilizing the frameworks of Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment models and other interventions to support the therapeutic process, I assist individuals in developing skills of reflection, incorporating insights and making sense of experiences with altered states to improve self understanding and the ability to navigate life's challenges more effectively. I treat people who struggle with, but not limited to depression, anxiety, adjustment to life circumstances/challenges and LGBTQ issues. Psychedelic Preparation and Integration I work with clients to prepare mentally, emotionally and practically for psychedelic journeys/experiences. Working collaboratively we will clarify intentions for your experience through exploration of personal goals and/or issues you would like to address and practices that will prepare you for a successful experience. After a journey, integration therapy helps to make sense of the experience to create lasting change in one's daily life. The process of integrating ones experience allows for making changes in lifestyle, habits and relationships based on insights gained. In my practice I work with athletes to address factors that impact performance, injury recovery and life transitions.
As a Clinical Psychologist, I graduated from the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in 2006. During my career I have worked as a Consulting Psychologist for the State of California as well as have maintained a private practice since 2010. In my practice I work with adults engaging in general psychotherapy, psychedelic preparation and integration, and sport psychology. I am licensed in California and Oregon.
I provide in person services in Sacramento California as well as remote telehealth services for both California and Oregon.