Etherios Therapy

Orem UT
As integrative providers, we take a holistic and comprehensive approach to mental health care and blend both conventional and complementary approaches. Our primary Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy provider (Regan Haight, PMHNP, RYT ) focuses beyond treating symptoms and takes into consideration the gut-brain connection, interpersonal, lifestyle, and environmental contributions to create a personalized treatment plan to enhance self care, strengthen self-awareness, and promote overall wellness. She obtains objective data from stool tests to assess the microbiome, micronutrient tests, neurotransmitter metabolism tests, as well as tests to assess environmental toxins and detoxification pathways. She also uses a trauma-informed approach and somatic techniques to improve the mind-body connection to address trauma and emotional issues.
We are located in a beautiful space with a focus on holistic & integrative health with an eastern-medicine leaning slant. Our space has other wellness professionals, including a trauma-informed and trained massage therapist. We are dedicated to creating deep, lasting healing through a multi-disciplined access to services that entails mind, body, and spirit.
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy