Eva Altobelli, MD


Specialties: Psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, individual supportive therapy, group therapy, integration services

Services Offered: Psychedelic integration (individuals), psychedelic integration (groups), pre- and post-ritual counseling, trauma-focused psychotherapy, substance use disorder counseling, ketamine treatment, psychiatric diagnosis, psychiatric medication prescriptions, integrative psychiatry assessment, mind-body therapy psychodynamic therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Sessions: In person (Santa Monica, CA)

Website: https://drevaaltobelli.com/


I am a board certified psychiatrist-and I found myself dissatisfied with the scope of what Western medicine was able to offer my clients. So I have been on a journey to discover ways in which we can evolve and develop a broader sense of our own humanity. It seems the barriers to our own happiness are often tied up in self protection. I believe creating the Space where we can feel safe allows us to develop a sense of creativity and imagination and live life to its fullest.

We are complicated creatures and it has taken us many years of experiences and usually some trauma to become who we are now.

I believe strongly in the mind body spirit connection and have tailored my practice with a creative approach.

I appreciate that engaging in a therapeutic relationship can be a delicate and difficult process and do my best to honor that.


How I work with clients

I believe strongly in the mind body spirit connection and have tailored my practice to treat clients with a creative approach. In addition to my western medical education I have studies alternative modalities such as homeopathy, breath work, Energy psychology, hakomi, meditation and mindfulness and yoga. I find if we slow the “fix the problem” process and feel into a connection we have a greater opportunity to experience healing.

Through my experience and work as an addiction psychiatrist, I have often found untreated trauma to be the root cause of human suffering. I work to educate my clients and empower them to recognize that they have what they need to heal and that sometimes it is all just a matter of sifting through the complicated layers of identity.




Medical License (AFE102265 California)


Psychiatric Residency and Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship (St George University School of Medicine)


Addiction psychiatry, psychoanalytic training, somatically informed modalities



Online Sessions


Location California, Santa Monica

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