Faith Elie, MA, MA, LPC, SEP

Counselor (LPC)
Detroit MI
Counseling is an opportunity for you to gain support while working through different issues, crises, and traumas as well as working towards achieving your personal goals. You can identify your goals and together we will form a plan of action that best suits your needs. My understanding of counseling comes from holistic and trauma-informed approaches that incorporate mind, body, and spirit such as transpersonal, Jungian, somatic, mindfulness, and creative expression approaches.
I respect and honor the diversity of all individuals of different, cultures, races/ethnicity, gender identifications, age, sexual orientations, religions/spirituality, physical/mental abilities, legal status, criminal history, and socioeconomic status. Everyone is welcome!
I offer psychedelic integration work. This looks like preparing for a ceremony by setting intentions and integrating what was learned after the cermony. I do not offer any plant medicine and I do not offer 'trip sitting' or guidance during a psychedelic experience.