Felicia Matto-Shepard, LMFT

Jungian Analyst and Psychotherapist
Petaluma CA
I offer weekly psychotherapy and analysis, as well as psychedelic integration work. In addition to talking, dream work, active imagination, authentic movement and creative arts are all part of my offer
In addition to working as a psychotherapist since 1993, I served as a Hospice social worker for 18 years, learning to sit at the threshold between what we know and what is unknowable. Personally, this "space between" is an ongoing source of curiosity and riches, a well I return to over and over again. I have spent decades exploring and studying non-ordinary states of consciousness through medicine work, cross cultural shamanism, dreams, conscious movement practices and art making.
Alchemical Art: Art Making workshops designed to explore the inner mystery. Workshops and classes are offered in Petaluma (or design your own group and I will meet with you on Zoom) See my website for current offerings