Fernando Espi Forcen, MD, PhD

Boston MA
The main goal of my practice is to provide psychedelic integration therapy care. Psychedelic psychotherapy can help patients alleviate psychiatric and psychological symptoms as well as existential distress. At the same time it can help foster personal growth, empathy and insight. You can continue to have your own psychiatrist or psychologist and I can be an adjunct to your current care. As part of your consultation we can discuss the details and process of your therapy.
I work primarily at Massachusetts General Hospital and teach at Harvard Medical School. I work and meet regularly with other psychedelic providers across the nation. I have been selected as one of the Best Psychiatry Doctors in 2022 by Boston Magazine. I was born and raised in Spain and graduated from Medical School at the University of Murcia. In the same university I read a PhD on the History of Psychiatry titled “Demons, Fast and Death: Mental Health in the Late Middle Ages,” in which I studied the approach to mental illness in Europe during the 13th and 14th centuries. As a result of the publications from this work, I was awarded best PhD by the health science program for the 2015-16 academic years. I did psychiatry residency at Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland. Following that I did a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Chicago and another fellowship in psycho-oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. I have more than 20 peer reviewed publications in a variety aspects of psychiatry, such as psychedelics, side effects, inflammation, dissociative symptoms, history of psychiatry and cinema. I have presented this work at most of the major academic meetings, including the APA, WPA, APM, AACAP and AAAP. I am the founding editor of the Journal of Humanistic Psychiatry and the author of the book Monsters, Demons and Psychopaths: Psychiatry and Horror Film. I host the Spanish psychiatry podcast "el ultimo humanista" that focuses on psychiatry, philosophy, art, music, history and cinema. My major interests are philosophy, art history, rock music, gastronomy and cinema.
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