Filip Bromberg, MA

Licensed Psychologist
Eksjö F
I see mainly see clients who are considering having a psychedelic experience, are planning a psychedelic experience, or have recently had one. I do not provide administration of any substances my private practice, and I do not refer clients to providers who do. I do however support clients in whatever decisions they make in regards to their health, by providing science-based information and integration therapy.
My interest in psychedelic science and therapy was sparked in 2014, during my studies to become a clinical psychologist. Since then I have been a driving force behind the development of knowledge about psychedelic research in Sweden. I am a co-founder of the Swedish Network for Psychedelic Science and the Norrsken Mind Foundation. Parallel to my research-related commitments, I have many years of experience in facilitiating integration circles and with harm reduction services. Since 2021, I facilitate retreat programs with psilocybin though the Swedish company Nysnö. In that role, I have had the honor of supporting over 300 participants through deep psychedelic experiences. Experiences that were sometimes completely pivotal in their healing and personal development. In addition to my professional experience with psilocybin, I am also trained in MDMA-assisted therapy (MAPS protocol for PTSD). I am the course leader for Sweden's first course in psychedelic science for healthcare professionals. I have seen how psychedelic experiences can lead to positive transformation, but also how things can go very badly if the conditions are wrong. Psychedelic substances are becoming a part of our society, bringing both great opportunities and great challenges. My intention is to be a positive force in that development. I want to help people transform and reduce the stigma attached to psychedelic substances.
Online sessions are €100/50 minutes, double sessions are €170. Discounts for students are available upon request.