Francesca Loux, Facilitator

Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator
Portland OR
I invite clients into a 4 part process: CONSULTATION: A short call to meet and feel into the possibility of working together. I will ask you some initial questions about why you are feeling called to a psilocybin journey, your experience level with psychedelics, and your health (to make sure this is a good fit for you at this time). We'll go over what to expect if we move forward. There will also be space for you to ask questions about me, psilocybin, or anything else related to this healing modality. PREPARATION: This session forms the foundation of your journey. We'll explore your intention, clarifying what you truly desire to receive from this experience. You’ll have an opportunity to share any challenges, fears, or past wounds that you desire to heal, or that you feel may come up during your psilocybin experience. During this time, we will also review your intake form, and go over the state-required paperwork to make sure everything is clear. We’ll go over boundaries, and make agreements to help keep you safe during your session. I’ll also share details about what to expect: how to prepare, potential effects you may experience, and how to navigate any challenging moments during the journey. We’ll work together to curate the details of your psilocybin session, including the right dosage, music, any opening/closing rituals, and how I can best support you. JOURNEY: Together, we'll set the container for this powerful experience, grounding ourselves and creating both inner and outer safe spaces. During this session, you’ll be guided by the wisdom of psilocybin to embark on a profound inner exploration. The psilocybin journey is typically 4-6 hours long, and takes place in a licensed service center in Portland, OR. INTEGRATION: This is where the insights you've gained are carried on into your daily life. We'll reflect on your journey, extract meaning and apply it to your life's bigger picture. I can also provide tools, somatic practices, and/or meditations to support your ongoing integration process, empowering you to continue your transformational journey.
I am a Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator, Breathwork Facilitator, and VITA Certified Empowerment & Intimacy Coach. I specialize in supporting people who desire to feel safe, confident and radiant in their bodies, relationships, and sexuality, and those who feel that depression, anxiety, and/or insecure attachment style is holding them back from their full potential. I love holding space for those who are feeling “stuck” in life and ready to let go of the past, gain new perspectives on old problems, and ignite their creative spark.   My experience with plant medicine facilitation began in Peru, where I held space for many during their ayahuasca and San Pedro journeys. This experience, along with my own personal healing journey, has made me a strong believer in the power of psychedelic medicine to support us on the road to healing, transformation, and self-love.   In my spare time, I love traveling and exploring new destinations, both abroad and near my home in the Pacific Northwest. I also host retreats and workshops locally and internationally.
I offer 1:1 psilocybin sessions (including preparation and integration) as well as coaching for those who desire a longer container of support. I am available for customized group sessions (psilocybin journeys, breathwork, or other topics around embodiment & inner healing). I also offer workshops regularly in the Portland area. Please see my website for calendar of upcoming events.