Fred Grover Jr. M.D., MD

Functional Medicine and Psychedelic Medicine Physician
Denver CO
Some see me for a single one-hour consult in person or online. Others may see me long term for the whole year, some of which have been seeing me for 20 yrs. They can see me per individual visit, or via an annual program which I created back in 2005. Most seek me out for the comprehensive care I offer, but about 1/3 will do only Ketamine or management of hormones etc.
I am a board certified family physician with over 30 yrs experience of being on the front line of managing and treating mental health issues. My practice is not a traditional family medicine practice, but one that is balanced through the application of functional medicine (seeking root causesp), regenerative medicine, and psychedelic medicine. With this broader skill set I can help many address their mind-body imbalances much more comprehensively. I have witnessed the pitfalls and limitations of SSRI's, SNRI's and mood stabilizers and recognized early on that they often caused more harm than good, especially when I witness polypharmacy drug interactions created by other physicians. I have helped 100's of patients wean off pharmaceuticals and/or narrow it down to one med instead of 4-6 sometimes prescribed by psychiatrists, and have redirected many towards more effective treatments including transcranial magnetic therapy and psychedelic medicine. I also offer NAD+ IV therapy, subcutaneous therapy to optimize mitochondrial function in the brain and promote neurotranmitter balance. Methylation disorders are also identified in genetic panels and treated naturally.
Advanced Wellness Program Hormone Balancing Program Ketamine Therapy Program I hope to create a Psychedelic Telemedicine Program, but am worried about legal risks of advising folks on things beyond ketamine. Would love your thoughts on this! I feel that physicians should be able to advise patients on how to safely use psychedelics on their own and to help them avoid drug interactions or physical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, bipolar etc that would put them at high risk.