Gabby Agin-Liebes, PhD

Clinical Psychologist
Berkeley CA
My perspective on healing incorporates mind, emotions, body, spirit, soul, and culture. We often develop coping mechanisms in response to traumatic or stressful situations in which we felt emotionally or physically unsafe, and these patterns may continue to unconsciously influence our emotions, self-esteem, communication styles, and relationships. In order to explore and unpack painful feelings and memories and release trauma from the nervous system, I recognize that you must feel safe and not alone. I believe that it is within the safe container of the relationship between therapist and client that healing can occur. I will encourage you to reflect upon the therapeutic relationship as a means to better understand how you relate to yourself and others outside of the therapy room. I also will encourage you to explore, feel, and process your emotions and relate to them with gentleness and care, which can feel scary and overwhelming at first. Many of us learn to disconnect from our emotions and somatic sensations as a form of self-protection. Working to understand them with a trusted therapist can be a powerful, life-changing experience and can bring freedom and relief, leading to a more embodied, empowered, and integrated sense of self. With an approach that is gentle, caring, and collaborative, I will help you unlock your potential and support you in cultivating a life rich with meaning, connection, and fulfillment. I provide a space that is culturally affirming and welcoming to those who hold intersectional and marginalized identities. I am committed to uprooting the conditioning of racism and White supremacy that has shaped my perceptions and behaviors. In support of these values I am invested in antiracist practices and local social justice activism efforts to help promote equity and inclusion. These practices serve as guiding principles in my clinical practice and research. I hold a certificate in Intersectionality & Equity in Therapeutic Practices from the California Institute of Integral Studies. I am also a founding member of the Equity in Psychedelic Therapy Initiative, a collaborative community dedicated to the advancement of psychedelic research and therapy based on equity-focused and culturally attuned practices.
I am a licensed clinical psychologist and psychedelic researcher residing in the Bay Area, California and a National Institutes of Health-funded research fellow at Neuroscape at the University of California, San Francisco. My research explores transdiagnostic psychological mechanisms (e.g., emotion regulation) in the context of psychedelic therapies for the treatment of addiction, trauma, depression, and existential distress. I also conduct qualitative research on psychotherapy-related change processes. I am currently conducting research on the role of self-compassion in psilocybin-assisted therapy to treat Alcohol Use Disorder. I am also conducting clinical/ethnographic research with the Yaqui tribe in Mexico as part of an intercultural entheogenic medicine project in collaboration with Nierika Intercultural Medicine Institute.