Gabriel Ettenson, MSPT

Mind-Body Medicine Specialist
Niwot CO
My preference is to meet (physically or virtually) to assess my client's needs, answer questions they may have, and then build a program for them accordingly.
I am a licensed Physical Therapist who specializes in Mind-Body Medicine, including meditation, vibration therapies (sound therapy, light therapy and mechanical vibration therapy), cannabis, and spiritually-directed self-analysis. I have completed my coursework in Psychedelic-assisted Therapy and Research at the California Institute of Integral Studies and am certified in Endocannabinoid Science from the Trinity School of Natural Health. I have experience facilitating for individuals using cannabis as a psychedelic and work closely with massage therapists, mental health professionals and ketamine-assisted therapists to offer comprehensive solutions to meet my clients' needs.
Psychedelic Preparation, Education & Research Psychedelic Integration Cannabis-based Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Sound Therapy Light Therapy Mechanical Vibration Therapy Life Coaching Meditation Training