Gail Margolis, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Boulder CO
My role as a psychotherapist is to offer the proper nourishment and support to help you grow and uncover your own inherent wisdom, wholeness, and aliveness. I bring a lens of curiosity, gentleness, compassion, nonjudgement, honesty, and humor. I understand that all of you, including all the ways that you have learned how to cope, have been brilliant strategies that have allowed you to survive. Even if they are no longer working for you now, it is important to acknowledge how they have gotten you this far. Now, we can work together to help you develop new, more effective ways of coping and thriving. I approach this work as a guide, offering my expertise and skills as a fellow traveler on the path of healing. I believe that you are the ultimate expert on your unique self. Knowing this, I will work closely with you in a co-creative process to learn about what works best for you. Because you are uniquely you, I tailor sessions based on your individual needs and goals. I use somatic (body-based) techniques, mindfulness, trauma resolution techniques, relational therapy, transpersonal therapy, and more.
I feel so fortunate to have years of experience working in a field that I absolutely love. I began my journey in a place perhaps not too dissimilar from yourself. I was struggling deeply and did not know where to turn. I tried many different avenues, along the way asking myself “How does one truly heal?” So much of my journey informs the way that I show up in the world and work with my clients today. Slowly but surely, I found my way to wholeness and health. This catalyzed the beginning of my path to become the person and psychotherapist that I am today. Channeling years of developed wisdom and embodied experience, I can be a spacious, loving, and strong container for whatever is happening within you. I bring a deep well of compassion and insight. I continue to cultivate my own health and healing on a daily basis.