Gail Neves, LMHC

Integrative Therapist, EMDRIA Approved consultant and CE provider
Marblehead MA
Currently I offer web based and in person sessions, KAP group therapy and consultation and education for clinicians working with Trauma using EMDR, Parts work, Somatic Techniques integrated with Psychedelic/Psycholytic frameworks. Individual sessions are offered to folx with ongoing individual therapy supports in place, generally are short term/solution focused with options for accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness with and without psychedelics medicine. Currently my practice is shifting toward training and education for clinicians. Limited space is available for clients pursuing treatment options.
Gail Neves, (She/They) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 18 years experience in the field of mental health. Over the last decade Gail has focused her energies into learning and practicing advanced techniques for working with Complex Trauma presentations including EMDR (EEI & Advanced techniques), Ego State Interventions/Parts Work, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Energy Medicine, Somatic Attachment techniques, Psychedelic and Psycholytic therapy models. Gail has a strong social justice orientation in her practice and invites clients to explore themes around ancestral or transgenerational trauma. Gail has a passion for learning, educating and consulting with clinicans around best practice, harm reduction and burnout prevention. Gail has been an Approved EMDR consultant for almost 3 years and prior to that time had positions teaching in higher education, leading workshops with local education centers on self care/burnout prevention and has lead numerous workshops and consultation groups online for clinicians wishing to optimize their practice.
Clinicians practicing in an integrative model have embraced the role that psychedelic medicine can have to support healing trauma. The workshop below will introduce participants to Psycholytic EMDR Therapy and discuss the ways that a therapist can support post traumatic growth in an integrative model. Special considerations around harm reduction will be reviewed during this workshop. We will explore ways that EMDR Therapy is integrated into low dose medicine work and where this is most appropriate in the 8 phases of the protocol. This workshop is meant to offer suggestions for harm reduction strategies and options for session structures in the treatment of trauma related disorders. As clinicians have been exploring ways to incorporate psychedelics into their EMDR practice I am delighted to share what has worked well and what I have learned during my training, experiences and ongoing consultation about this work.