Gavrila Abramson, AMFT, MA

Somatic Psychotherapist, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapist
Santa Cruz CA
My goal is to be a responsive and engaged presence offering a supportive container for transformation. I see the therapist-client relationship as a journey in and of itself, and one where we find the path of transformation together. Therapy with me may look very different than typical talk therapy. Maybe it is moving around the room, using objects to explore what is happening on the inside, using safe somatic touch to explore regulation and trauma-healing, or introducing substances to support a deeper dive. My tool bag is robust and supportive to finding the most beneficial path for each person.
As a daughter, sister, grief walker, mindfulness practitioner, singer, teacher, and contemplative dreamer, I see awareness and embodiment as essential seeds to cultivate vitality, connection, and aliveness. As a queer, ashkenazi jewish woman, I know the importance of making room for identity, ancestry, and reclaiming one’s inherent power. As a relational somatic psychotherapist, mindfulness, embodiment, and an intergenerational lens are foundations in our work together. Developing a trusting and safe relationship is a vital support to our collaborative and transformational therapeutic relationship. All that I do is founded in presence, led by intuition, and deeply reverent to our ancestral and lived history that molds who we are, how we walk in this world, and what we are here to do.
I currently offers short-term deep dive psychotherapy and ongoing somatic psychotherapy. Short-term deep dives include, but is not limited to, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, cannabis-assisted psychotherapy, and somatic ritual psychotherapy in-person or online. Ongoing work is based in somatic exploration, mindfulness based practices, and safe somatic touch work. Those who are looking for preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences are also welcome to come work with me! Throughout the year, I offer meditation-based groups for all ages.