Gerard Artesona, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Oakland CA
There is a fine balance of knowing when to take things at face value and to sit with the mystery. Good, bad, ecstatic, or terrible, all of the flavors of psychedelia have something to teach us if we have the right disposition to be receptive to it. Even the most challenging of experiences can yield greater degrees of personal growth and empowerment if integrated properly. The balance between psyche and spirit is one that is dynamic and constantly up for examination. In our work together, we can gain a better understanding of how your experiences apply to the larger story of your life.
I am Gerard Artesona and I am currently based in Oakland, California. My therapeutic approach bridges western psychology and entheogenic ritual & practice in order to support my clients in their growth and healing. I have worked mental health for over 15 years and worked formerly with plant medicines for over 10. My own personal journey with plant medicines has helped me to reconnect to my culture, overcome racial trauma, and see life beyond the cracked lens of depression. Though I have a professional and educational background in the healing arts, I find that they are no more important than the learning I've gathered through years of personal experience.