German Ascani, MD

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist
Sebastopol CA
Individually or with co-therapist. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (SL/IM) Ketamine adjunctive treatment (added to ongoing medical/psychiatric care) Coordinating with other providers and therapists Zoom/video/phone appointments available both in Colorado and California
I have a broad range of psychiatric expertise and knowledge and have worked extensively in public psychiatry and community mental health systems for over a decade across the spectrum of mental health illness. I have an interest in helping individuals achieve meaningful and lasting personal growth through a process of deep exploration and self-reflection. I offer individuals evidence-based psychiatric care in a safe and comfortable environment. I review all treatment options (which may or may not include medications) by focusing on other markers of wellness such as nutrition, sleep, general health, relationships, and spirituality. I offer integrative psychiatric services, psychotherapy, ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP), SL/IM/IV ketamine treatments. An area of expertise is the use of Ketamine as a novel anti-depressant, as adjunct to ongoing treatment, or stand alone. I focus on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) to help clients catalyze change towards a healthier and more satisfying life. The treatments can help with depression, anxiety, trauma and many psychological issues. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy will guide an individual deeper into their therapeutic work to awaken awareness and understanding of innate healing resources. I believe ketamine sessions are most effective when paired with psychotherapy. My treatment protocols include diagnostic assessments and medical screening sessions, preparatory psychotherapy sessions, the setting of intentions and goals, ketamine assisted sessions, and integrative sessions in between and throughout ongoing treatment. I believe change and growth will flourish when entering a therapeutic relationship within a structured, supportive, safe and loving environment where individuals are accepted as they are with a unique set of struggles, desires, hopes and dreams. I am also lead medical trainer for a nationally recognized organization, PRATI (psychedelic research and training institute) for licensed professionals exploring KAP and therapeutic use of Ketamine.