Gillian Donà, MA

Industrial Psychologist
Benoni GP
Heart to heart, my style comes with a sense of holding, ok with being where you are, but also a glimmer of what is possible and a nudge towards taking the steps to get there. I believe all the wisdom you need rests inside of you, and sometimes it just takes learning how to navigate the worlds demands from what is true for you.
I am a Psychologist and coach, but also a wife, mother, and flawed human. I am intrigued by how we get tangled in our own patterns and curious as to the many varied routes to more freedom, joy, and peace in our lives. How can we live lives where are free to be who we are, free to do what we love, and free to build a life we love? We are all in our own ways stuck in habitual patterns (whether at home with our kids or partners, or at work). But we do all get to choose to continue as we always have, or courageously set a new direction.
Smashing limits - A protocol for rewriting the patterns that no longer serve you. New you - A process of building and believing in a new version of you. Triggers - Handling triggers, traumas, and negative experiences that continue to impact you. Dream analysis - making sense of psychedelic experiences, dreams, or patterns in your life.