Gillian Scott-Ward, PhD

Doctor of Psychology
New York City NY
I believe that healing happens in spaces where people can feel compassionately heard and seen. Strength-based, I work with individuals and groups to co-create spaces where we can connect with what it means to live in alignment with your values, purpose, and soul. Therapy with me often involves exploring the ways in which a persons history, identities and social reality intersects to create their lived experiences and beliefs. Therapy with me can also involve finding ways to gain a sense of agency and mastery in your life and finding ways to feel more connected to others individually and within communities. A body-based practioner, I guide and sit with people as they learn to connect with their bodies and gain a deeper connection to the present. I work through a lens of social justice and am LGBTQ+ affirming.
Dr. Gillian Scott-Ward (Cornell University, BA; City University of New York, PhD) is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in healing through the Mind-Body-Soul connection.